Technology to Make

Schools Safer

Too often, parents fear the worst sending their kids to school. Teachers and staff are asked to bear a tremendous responsibility for assuring safety when their focus should be on educating. Until our society solves the epidemic of gun violence, technology solutions can provide layers of protection for children and staff.

Critical Reach is committed to equitable access to needed safety solutions for all schools. To do so, we provide our solutions and services at no cost, while using our decades of experience to equip schools with useful, dependable technology.

“We are experiencing collective trauma and grief as a result of the constant barrage of news reports about mass shootings.”

Our Solutions

APB Instalert for safer schools

APB InstAlert​​


Key Features​

no cost to the schools

No Cost

One-button activation


Customized controls on safety tech for schools

protocols ​

APB InstAlert gets first responders moving, even before the first 911 call, cutting lifesaving minutes off response time. At the push of a single button by authorized on-site personnel, APB InstAlert directly notifies all first responders of a crisis event. Schools and law enforcement work together to establish customized response protocols. Provided at no cost, APB InstAlert is a vital layer of protection accessible to every school and community.
Learn Secure for Safer Schools

Learn Secure​​


Key Features​

no cost to the schools

No Cost

Integrates with current school systems

Integrates Existing SEL And Safety Resources​

Quick emergency response with learn secure

Supports Emergency Preparedness​​

Learn Secure integrates vital school safety and social-emotional learning (SEL) resources in a single, convenient daily use app for school personnel and parents. Learn Secure supports emergency preparation and management, including direct access to APB InstAlert. Schools customize Learn Secure to include links to the tools they use to foster wellbeing and provide effective interventions before students resort to violence.​​
Safety tech for safer schools

Safety Tech​​


Key Features​

Grant Funded Program

Grant Funding Support​​​

locally controlled data

Data Locally-Controlled​​​​

school-specific customization

School-Specific Solutions​

Waiting for violence to start is too late. AI-enabled technology can proactively identify threats, enabling onsite personnel to activate response protocols. Critical Reach assists schools in choosing tailored solutions that protect the school’s friendly, inviting environment. We prioritize each school’s unique data security and privacy requirements, while also helping schools access available grant funding. Seamless integration with APB InstAlert and Learn Secure provides additional layers of protection.

Let's Work Together

Critical Reach partners with schools to find the technology to meet their community’s needs. Reach out to see how our tools can help your school district.